A very remote part of my brain (One that gets active at times when I’m really bored) just reached out to my thinking cells.. Sending flashing signal.. Asking about “life”..!!

What is life?

Are you living it right?

I have asked myself these question umpteen number of times.. Sometimes even found a convincing answer.. But the problem is: once you come up with a very detailed, and usually very convincing solution to one of these problems; next time an idea comes along refutes the first one, just as convincingly. And the next refutation is just around corner..

I have never understood as to why these questions echo, answer less…

Maybe we humans just don’t have those kind of brains required to solve these kinds of problems..:/

I know its not very me to think that there are things I can’t figure out, but maybe thats my problem. As someone has rightly said “Monkeys can’t be humans, and never will, no matter how long they think about it.”

If this is the thing then why do I think I can figure anything out if I think about it for long enough?!

Which makes me think- Our minds have evolved, just like our bodies. And our bodies can’t do everything, like split in two parts or jump a hundred feet!

There is a great possibility that the Martians might have better brains, and can understand life, freewill, morality and whatnot!

These questions will be here, solutions will always pop up.. Its a matter of choice what u wish to follow,

Living life on your own terms is important!

-Nithi 🙂


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