If you spoke your mind,  do you think things would be different?!

Do you ever wonder how it would be if you had said something else at that time, a rephrased sentence might have saved the day, words straight form the heart would have changed situations.. Power of words is infinite and so is the power of thoughts.

Words can hurt

Words can heal

Sometimes its the words that make you sound mean.

Someones words can make you think..Its like a small boat in the ocean that is setting big waves into motion. Your one word can brighten someone’s day or can ruin someone’s weeks…

But the questions here is, how much of it should one actually say!?

I always wonder whether what I say really affects someone as words of some affect me?!?!

If I actually spoke my mind, I would be in deep trouble (which most of the times is the case).. My mind runs wild when I’m talking to someone,I experience a range of emotions when some words fall on my ears thus my words are sometimes out before I could think and filter them.

My thoughts are troubled later, regretting why I said what I said. I ask myself in later hours whether what I said was really worth saying, had those words not out would have been better.. I find no solution to situations I put myself into….

I know thinking about it afterwards is also not a solution but when you have infinite thoughts infinite scenarios you create, so these afterthoughts are sometimes the reason behave differently… I’m afraid of my thoughts, and the thoughts behind those thoughts creating words I speak to you..

-Nithi 🙂


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