Its all dark around you…

The sound of falling rain and thunder is all you hear…

No lights, no internet, nothing to do at all…

What does your mind do..?!

It starts doing what it does the best, wandering..;)

I sometimes wonder, why does a mind wander?!


Hold on a second, didn’t the wandering just begin again! It seems like our mind loves playing games,

A deep game I think, because right now I’m lost in the contemplation of wonder and wandering…

At any point of time, the human brain is never switched off. It has a thousand thoughts to think, and a million others waiting in a queue.. Never is a point when there is nothing in the brain..

Even at the point when we think we’ll think of nothing, the thoughts of nothingness crawl into our thinking machine.. “I’ll not think about it” we say, and yet we keep thinking about the same “it”!


Is it true.. Does a thing called “Nothingness” even exist?!

Odd, isn’t it? Because the word itself means ‘the fact of not existing’… There must be something beyond the grave, you know, and not just nothingness!

A complete empty space is not exactly empty, technically it too is filled with air. Even the vacuum is filled with a thing supposedly called anti-matter!


I wonder if the opposite of existence is nothingness. All this is so mind boggling, I’m trying to rationalize the existence of a word that is going to describe something non-existent… Confused?! Me too.. After all these questions I’m starting to questions my own existence..:P

Are we existing? Or its just nothingness right now and we really exist after we die..?!


What is there beyond existence?!

Another life? Is one really transported to Heaven or Hell after one dies? Does that mean for the fruits of heaven one needs to do good deeds here on earth? God knows!!

We may be expecting to go to heaven after we die, but on our judgement day, when we meet our creator..

God asks “so how was heaven?!”




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