We’ve been taught history, geography, math and science..
But, NO they don’t teach you this important thing in school..
My life is confusing, and I don’t know what to do!
I thought we just had to stay strong,
I thought we just had to keep holding on..
But this doesn’t help…

Being an adult is all about putting everything you learned in school to the test::
If schools taught us how to live our lives instead of how people have lived I guess the world would be a better place… Less confusion, less complications, less crimes!

When I was a kid I always thought adults have their life sorted and I always wanted to grow up soon, so that even I’ll have all those things that adults have.
But its a sad truth that as you grow up your life instead of sorting out becomes even more complicated… And we have no idea what we are doing, we just keep pretending!

Becoming an adult is all about learning from your elders:

I sometimes wish we could turn back time, to the good old days.. when our mumma sang us to sleep, but now we are stressed out…
Stressed what to do..
Stressed how to do..
Stressed that our decisions might go wrong… it is all so frustrating!

“What to do?!” is a big question.. Whether to figure things out or to go with the flow? Should we do this or that..
If someone could come up and tell us what to do wouldn’t that be a great help.. Or at least show us how to answer them then life would be easy…
People expect us to behave like adults but little does anyone realize that we don’t know who ‘adult’ really is…
And when asked how the other person expects us to be we are given odd looks and weird statements like: “A adult is  person that has grown to full size and strength.” or “An adult under English law is someone over 18 years old.”
The one thing I never understood is -how does age really define whether one is an adult? How will a person magically turns into an ‘adult’ -who knows his/her responsibilities- when no one has ever mentioned to him what are his responsibilities…???

It's about putting that experience to work:

This transition from a minor to major is scary…
People start acting strange, sometimes one who used to socialize a lot becomes a lonely person who doesn’t want to leave the house.. and sometimes vice versa!
You don’t know WHAT you are doing something for, or sometimes even WHY you are doing it.. You become trapped in the mesh of to be or not to be…

Being an adult is all about creating the perfect schedule:

Life changes!
We leave school and are confused to join college in which stream.. Why doesn’t the SCHOOL tell us which stream will really help us.. Yes they do tell us you can be an Engineer if you take science, or an Psychologist if you take arts.. But why doesn’t anyone tell us how to think, how to bring up an idea.. Why are we still teaching children history when the thing that should be taught is to harness their future, to hone their skills, to learn life skills…
We join college, we are still in a dilemma what will we be doing.. They teach you coding, different languages, different subjects every semester… But even here they forget the important:
How to be happy in life..
How to forgive yourself for your mistakes..
How to make wise decisions..
How not to regret your wrong decisions…

Why is all this not taught to us?? Why is all this left to oneself to figure out?? Why do we have sleepless nights?

But mostly it's about doing this every single night:

All this makes me realize that as we grow up we tend to lose ourselves while we ‘think’ we are trying to find ourselves..
There is no need to go and search for who you are.. You are what you are!!! You are still that kid who believes he can be anything and he becomes one if he wants to..
So no matter what life throws you with, have faith in yourself that even though no one has taught you what has to be done you can do it…
Because kids always believe they can…!!

done adulting | done being an adult for the day… | Funny Pictures and Quotes:

PS: If you too feel that you were not taught what was necessary to live life, let’s teach that to the ones younger to us.. Let’s help out so those young adults can do better adulting..:)

PSS: if you have answers to any of the questions asked here please write to me.. I’m still searching to answers to most of the important life questions..



4 thoughts on “What they don’t teach you in School..

  1. ‘Adultier adult’ made me laugh!
    On a serious note, we really do not teach children the important things, the ways to handle life’s setbacks and challenges.
    I realize the shortcomings of our education system and as an adult and a parent, try to teach my children at least some of the realities of life.

    Liked by 1 person

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