Do you ever in your free time wonder about how and what you’ve grown into..? Do you also take out your old pictures and refresh your mind?
I love looking back at old pictures from school and college days..

I mean, the fashions, the hair styles, the phones, the boys I had crushes on.. 😉 It is just a blast from the past.

Okay let’s be real, it wasn’t thaaaat long ago. But given every twist and turn my life has taken this far, it feels like a lot of life has been lived since then. Looking back and reflecting on those delicate and formative years, I can see traces of the experiences creep in at various points in my adolescence.

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I think we all have things on our hearts that -in hindsight- we wish we could say to our former selves. Nuggets of sage wisdom that could have been helpful.

So here’s 10 things I would say to myself (given everything I know now) that would have made my life easier and would still be points to keep in mind..

1. People judge but don’t let it in your head
There are times when you will be judged for the way you speak, way you dress, the way you walk and what not.. But remember this “You are what you think, and not what others think you are”

2. Time spent never comes back, so enjoy!
Time and again you hear someone telling you this, and I am sure most of us realize this after the moment has passed. Since we all wish to live a life without regrets,why not live in the moment and enjoy every second.

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3. You can be anything you wish to be, its never too late
Recently I heard a colleague say “I always wanted to be that, but I’m too old to be doing it now”. I know sometimes circumstances prevent us from being us, and sometimes when situation clears we feel we have missed the bus. This, my friend, is not true. Because if this would have been the case do you think a chaiwala could have been PM of India?

4. Our youth is never going to come back
Being at young age myself, I am actually not the right person to tell you this. But its good to learn from experience of others. And this is one thing our elders keep telling us for a reason. Ask anyone who has traveled through this phase and I’m sure they will wish to come back and be their wild young self again.

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5. People hurt, forgive and forget
Wounds heal and scars fade. Not everyone is going to care about how you feel. Because they have to think about themselves too at one point. Knowingly or unknowingly their words/actions may hurt you but be a wise person and forgive and forget, not for them but for your inner peace.

6. Little madness is the key
Being the black sheep does not make you any less of a sheep. You have to be odd to be number one!

7. Good sleep is important, no matter what age
I know most of us now a days sleep for less than the required 8 hrs for we do something important or just chat with a friend in a different town, but do not ignore your health. Because only if you are well you can do everything you wish.

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8. Social media is good, but get social too
Don’t forget the person sitting next to you for the person on the phone. I won’t say stop using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram they have become a part of our lives, but make it a point to keep your phone aside when you are out maybe in a party or a visit to a new place. Beauty is better analog rather than digital.

9. Free time is most precious
No one pays you for your free time, it is only you who own it. So do something constructive, do something that makes you happy. It is during this time you can change your life, the one you are always wishing for.

10. Don’t just exist, Live!

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Live on your own terms, because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that smile on your face.

-Nithi 🙂