Cubicle Thoughts

Sitting in my office (a reputed IT company for those who don’t know) with no work today (because my PC had some connectivity issue and the technical team recommended a format) using a borrowed computer terminal, and listening to songs playing in the background (Coincidentally I am currently listening to “Bored to death” by Blink-182) I started to do what I do the best.. THINK!

I’m thinking about the ground realities of working at an IT industry… Well, if you ask about the work environment its all glitters, a nice comfortable chair, an agreeably lit space and (a delight in this hot summer) a 24×7 Air Conditioning!

This is all about the physical aspects, let’s talk about the mental aspects of this job. Such kind of work is mentally more exhausting rather than physically. This is for obvious reason, a human is working/making something that in turn is making things run.

It’s a tough task… You spend hours looking at a computer, stressing all your brain cells to generate a code that you wish would work the first time you run. But only a few lucky developers are able to achieve this great task, 98% of the times your code does not run on the first go. And then a force is unleashed… you’ll spend hours to find this issue (or should I say BUG) and after multiple failed attempts and hundreds of refreshment breaks you don’t find this little bug hiding in a form of a missing semi-colon which your colleague finds in 5 mins of skim through your code. It’s terrible!

Me trying to code.

Martin Valasek ( ) has put a life of a developer/ programmer in an apt way, if you are a programmer you will relate to all of these situations…

Python Programming Humor

Being happy at job is mostly about doing what you are comfortable and good at. If you are good at something, you will definitely enjoy it. It’s all about the perspective and knowing what one wants, that makes you fit for one job.

But in this industry, I have noticed the following:

  • People start realizing what they really wanted once they start working on something they are not really interested in.
  • What I feel is happening here is that most of the people tend to move to this industry due to the large amount of opportunities and money involved. It is later that they realize it is not their piece of pie.

Now, staying in this industry for long worth? I have seen people who have gone both ways. People who work for peanuts and people who earns crores (but I feel it’s all about the satisfaction and the expectation that one keeps values their success) so, it depends on how you work, how well you work and what you work for. A little bit of luck in the mix and boom, you are going to fly high – Like most professions out there.

No career is good or bad. It the perception that makes it so. I have seen many people going into the industry with a negative attitude. If you too feel the same the well, this is definitely not for you. One should always do whatever they like… And if you like coding, programming then being at in IT firm will be a best choice. Yes, there would be work pressure, peer pressure and many more (I think this is all part of what you would find in any career choice we make) but the only thing that matters is your happiness.

People around will always say “Do what makes you happy”. It is true. And if you can’t find happiness in what you do, keep finding something better. Why am telling you this? Well, the point here is not to brag. My point is that you are not stuck permanently in the life you have now. Even if it may feel that way.

Trust the Timing of Your Life

We humans have this tendency to forget that time is incremental and that our existence happened over seconds, minutes, days and years. We get way too caught up in the now. Small steps over small periods of time lead to large steps over large periods of time. It’s elementary really!

PS: I myself am in a similar situation of not liking what I am currently doing, so all this is not something just to preach but I do believe in every word of last 2 paragraphs.

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. #quotes #quotesforlife

-Nithi 🙂